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NEXT CRUISE SHIP TOUR DATE: Holland America cruise ship Maasdam, arriving MONDAY September 9, 2019.
(This is an ALL-DAY tour!)

Please email me at walt@discoverguam.com with the names of folks in your group to be added to the list for MONDAY, Sept 9, 2019 when the Maasdam comes to GUAM!

Walt G. has created this prepayment link for Maasdam's Sept 9TH 2019 cruise ship visitors to reserve a seat on the day's group tour. Prepayment link is at bottom.

Important Cruise Ship Details: As cruise ship arrivals are a once-a-year (or less) event, we typically arrange tours way in advance. Right now, we are already being contacted by folks who wish to experience a Guam tour (culture/scenery/history) that begins the moment we pick you up at the dock, until we drop you off from half-hour to an hour before the ship leaves. (We've been doing this for years, so you can rest assured, you won't miss the cruise ship's departure). That standard option puts you in vans of 12-15 passengers, each van has its own driver/guide, and we tour the island as a convoy. I participate and oversee so that all goes smoothly. That option is $149/person

A few shots from previous shore excursions

Get to know your guide, Ed Feely

"I was born and raised in Maine, USA. My son and I came to Guam over 30 years ago, and I spent 21 years working for the Guam Public School system. I've done a lot of WWII research and travel in the Pacific as I traced my father's military exploits. He was one of the Guam Liberators. I lived a traditional Chamorro lifestyle in Southern Guam, learned the language, explored the island, and listened to a lot of stories from the manamko (Chamorro elders). I'm proud that most people call me Chamoule*. After losing much of my retirement money to the recent stock/investment scandals, I've spent the last 7 years leading trekking, WWII, historical, and customized tours around the island for our tourists to supplement my income. I enjoy meeting new people and sharing the island's history and culture, so I guess I have a dream job now." *Chamoule = "Chamorro and Haole" (Haole: origin: Hawaiian, used throughout the Pacific region: a person who is not a native Hawaiian, especially a white person.

Don't miss out on the 2019 adventure!

We request full pre-payment (change the quantity for the number of people you are paying for once the pre-payment link is visible.) The payment is 100% REFUNDABLE should you cancel or if the ship does not dock for any reason. (We actually had such a situation a few years ago. Here's what one customer wrote (unsolicited) on Tripadvisor.com about her experience getting her refund.

Please email me at walt@discoverguam with the names of folks in your group to be added to the list for MONDAY, Sept 9, 2019 when the Maasdam comes to Saipan!

TWO Prepayment Options

1. Click here to prepay on my Saipanbookings.com site

2. Or click the Paypal buynow button below
(no Paypal account necessary)

Request a tour itinerary and quote

Select one or more PERSONALIZED tours of GUAM:

Battle of Guam / World War II Pilgrimage(ask about private collections)

Guam in a Day

Guam Relocation Tour

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