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As you may know if you're visiting this page, there's a Princess cruise ship arrival scheduled for March 3, 2023. At present, our tour for that day has not been finalized due to unexpected circumstances. If you'd like to be put on a waiting list to be notified of any changes, please EMAIL ME right away. Thanks!

Important Cruise Ship Details:
Your tour begins the moment we pick you up at the dock, until we drop you off from half-hour to an hour before the ship leaves. (We've been doing this for years, so you can rest assured, you won't miss the cruise ship's departure). That standard tour option puts you in vans of 12-15 passengers, each van has its own driver/guide, and we tour the island as a convoy. I participate and oversee so that all goes smoothly.
As cruise ship arrivals are infrequent events on Guam, we typically arrange tours months in advance. We request full pre-payment (change the quantity for the number of people you are paying for). Don't worry, though, the payment is 100% REFUNDABLE should you cancel or if the ship does not dock for any reason. (We actually had such a situation a few years ago. Here's what one customer wrote (unsolicited) on about her experience getting her refund.
If your arrival date is not listed, please email me at and request to be added to the list for the next cruise ship arrival on Guam! (Please indicate date of arrival!)
(Subject to change due to weather conditions)
• Pick Up at Port
• Puntan Dos Amantes, return through Pleasure Island
• Plaza de Espana, include walk over to Latte Stone Park
• San Ramon caves
• Lunch Proa Restaurant (Chamorro food) (guests pay)
• Lubugon Overlook
• WPNHP Asan Bay Overlook
• WPNHP Snell Visitors Center
• Ga’an Point
• Cetti Bay Overlook
• Umatac for Magellan Monument and Fort Soledad
• Arrive Port

San Ramon caves are stand up level entry with 4 foot wide passages. Tall individuals may have to stoop down at places. Flashlights will be provided.

Ga’an Point requires a walk of about 250 yards, including a very short, moderately steep hill that could be optional.

There are bathrooms at Puntan Dos Amantes, Latte Stone Park, and Ga’an Point, and Fort Soledad. Snacks are available at several places along the way, the most logical place being Day Buy Day in Piti. Both local and American snacks are available.

This itinerary is approximate and may need to be adjusted due to traffic, weather, guest lingering, or other reasons.

This itinerary is suggested. Stops can be added or deleted as the group wishes. Drinks and light snacks will be provided in the vans.

A few shots from previous shore excursions

We also organize tours of Saipan!